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Hello from Nepal (21st November 2007)

Hi All,

Friday. We have crossed over the border (no hassle, no fee and no queue) and into Nepal (The Peoples Republic of Nepal as the graffiti over the border post informs us).

We have spent one night in a Korean monastery in the Lumbini temple complex. The monastery is quite new and is in the process of being expanded. It is very clean, smart and has a simple renunciate feel to it. Great Digs.

Lumbini (the Buddha's birthplace) is very well developed. The archaeological site is surrounded by a large walled complex. Inside the complex there are many monasteries and temples from lots of different traditions. The small village of Lumbini is firmly outside the wall and you do not get to see much of local life from here.

The complex is clean and well organised with paved roads and maps connecting everything together. It's kind of cool and also a little weird, a little bit like a Buddhist theme park. Could be in the US! (almost).

Last night spent in Sinouli (India) on Nepali border. A re…

Hello from Bodhgaya, India (9th October 2007)

Hello me Ducks,

Wow what a place. One week here and still getting blown away by it all. The sounds, sights (and smells!). Its a very crazy place, but it kind of grows on you.

Arrived at Delhi airport and was kidnapped by a crazed rickshaw driver. After a very hairy rider around South Delhi we eventually convinced him to take us to our hotel, but it was hard work (and it cost us). You have to learn quickly here. Haggle hard. Set a fixed price and then be firm. Very un-English.

People are very friendly. The beggars are difficult to deal with, it's so hard to know how to respond for the best. I set off a small riot today by giving out a bag of sweets to some kids in a local village, hundreds of kids just appeared out of nowhere and there weren't enough sweets to go around. I just had to drop the bag and run. You have to learn quickly here.

Had a great couple of days in Sarnath, the place of the Buddha's first teaching. We stayed at Dr Jain's Paying Guest House. Great food and…